Stop Making New Year Resolutions and Just Become Resolute

This year ditch the resolutions and become resolute…

Here it is again, so let me be one to say it to you “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017”. Every end of year we hope the “out with the old and in with the new” mentality will stick. We sit with our fat, engorged bellies, and groggy minds, and try and come up with resolutions for this year that we will stick. You know, lose more weight, be happier, healthier, and enjoy life. Here are last years most popular resolutions.

Forget about about the younger generation, I am talking to the people I relate to. Those over 40. And the data says that suggests that almost 86% of us give up on our new year resolutions. ONLY 14% achieve their New Year Resolutions (1). That is not very encouraging. What it tells me is that most of us, beyond a good majority, are going to fail.

So why do we keep doing this year after year, hoping that this year will be different. IT IS INSANE! Well you know the definition of insanity through the well know quote Albert Einstein gave, and he is a pretty smart dude. If you forgot I have included it below.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

So this year, the only thing that should be “out with the old” is your weak efforts at a resolution. And the only thing that should be “in with the new” is a renewed sense of purpose. A real desire to become resolute.

Why not this year make an effort to “Just Become Resolute”. Here are 5 Things you can do to Become Resolute.

Number 1: Be a lifelong learner of things you want to become.

The top two resolutions are to live healthier, and lose weight. Every year one or both of those win out. To make true change you have to move through the stages of change. By learning or reading you hear, see, and begin to understand how you can change. When contemplating these changes your mind starts to get rid of the negative thoughts that are stopping you from achievement.

Slowly you are being exposed to new ideas, thoughts, and ways of doing things. The more you learn the more you solidify these thoughts. Then as you think, you will become. As long as you take action. But learning and knowledge should be a a lifelong pursuit. And the best way to do that is to read. And guess what? Reading is free just ask your local library or if you are an Amazon Prime member you can read a ton of books for free. Or read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices.

Number 2: Become strong-willed.

Will power is something that is in short supply. Once you use it up you need to recharge it just like a battery. We should learn to preserve willpower by controlling our environment around us. A good example is; if you are obese then avoid the buffet, an alcoholic then avoid bars, and if you are a smoker well avoid smoke. One book that I liked and helped me with improving my willpower muscle is Mental Toughness by J. Barnes.

One quote from the book I like is “If you continue to believe that willpower is extraordinarily hard or impossible to maintain–you will not overcome it! Often, the hardest thing for people to change is the disempowering beliefs that are prohibiting progress”(2).

I know that may sound deep. But I assure you the book is an easy read and has a lot of useful information on improving willpower.

Number 3: Become Purposeful or find your purpose in life.

I think you would agree that everyone has a talent in life. I mean come on, the most widely read book on the planet, the Bible says it is so. So find your talent, or in some cases talents. And then use it to find your purpose in life. Because I believe that if everyone has a talent, then everyone has a purpose. You have a duty to let  your talent come forth and shine.

If you don’t know where to begin to find your talent or purpose in life don’t worry.  There are a lot of ways to go about doing it. There are self help books,  websites, personal coaches, and other resources to help you. But you have to find your way, I only give advice, its up to you to take it (all or some) and take action for yourself.

Number 4: Try and be Single-Minded

There is a big push right now to move to simplicity, minimalist, and doing one thing well. All of these are good concepts to help you become single-minded. Then your purpose will have power. You will like yourself even more because you will accomplish things. Your willpower will become exercised and then strengthened. And you will learn about yourself.

So try and find a single thing you can do each day to improve (3). String those things together. Try and master it, and then move to another, and then another. After a while your life will be littered with things you have accomplished. For even more power align these things with your goals. Then live a life with purpose.

Number 5: Come to like yourself, and in time even love yourself.

Take some time this year to get to know yourself. Love yourself or at least get to really like yourself. Start with positive affirmations about the things you like. Visualize how you want to be as detailed as you can. And hand around positive people, you know the people who you want to become. I remember when I played racquetball I wanted to get really good.

So instead of practicing with others my same level of play I played anyone who was significantly better than me. In the beginning I lost bad, I mean I got demolished. But soon my skills improved to where I could score a point, have a good game, and the finally to where I could win. And win consistently. So don’t be afraid to hang out with the best, it will rub off on you.


So take this year and break out of the resolution cycle. And do something different. The opposite of insane. Something that will be good for you. Become resolute in your life, find purpose, read, become strong-willed, love yourself, and be single minded. Align these things with your goals and you should be able to achieve the things you want.

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