10 Easy Ways to Reduce Sugar in your Diet Now

I get asked a lot what is the number one thing I should do, and I say… find a way to reduce sugar in you diet. And do it NOW. But sugar can be an hard thing to quit altogether. So here are some simple tips to help you reduce sugar in your diet so you can get on with eating whole healthier foods.

10 Easy Ways to Reduce Sugar in your Diet and Stave off Disease

Number 10: Sugar Comes in Many Forms

Look for hidden sugar by reading the labels. We all know what pure cane sugar is, but also look out for high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, cane syrup, brown rice syrup and other ingredients.

Number 9: Try Spicing It Up

Bring out the natural sweetness in foods, by using spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger.

Number 8: Avoid Processed Sugar Filled Snacks

You know the ones, all of you favorite stuff; cookies, doughnuts, candy bars, and even potato chips. Just keep them away from yourself at home, work, and the car.

Number 7: Eat What Is Naturally Sweet. Fruit

If you are having a hard time staying away from sweets then try some fruit instead. Apples, berries, and other fruits contain fructose which is a better alternative then white refined sugar.

Number 6: Whats In Your Meals, Especially The First One

At breakfast get rid of that sugary cereal, replace those doughnuts or white toast with a whole wheat version. For lunch try not to eat white flour buns or tortillas, and avoid quick noodle lunches. And finally for dinner avoid that pizza and save it for only rare occasions. And don’t forget…

Number 5: Skip The Desert Buffet

It wont do you any good if you avoid sugar all day only to load up on it with a sugary desert. Do yourself a favor and skip the desert all together, if you are craving something sweet try some cashews and fruit.

Number 4: Ditch The Soda, Fruit Juices, And Energy Drinks

Almost all the recommended daily intake of sugar is in one can of soda. Double that for some fruit juices and energy drinks. They are basically pure sugar that you are drinking and mamma always said don’t drink your calories.

Number 3: Put All Your Eggs Into The Stevia Basket

While I do not recommended sugar sweeteners if you need to use on I would stick with all natural Stevia, it has zero calories and does not seem to be as harmful as other artificial sweeteners.

Number 2: Coffee, Tea, Lattes, Hot Or Cold Do It Unsweetened


Chances are if you drink coffee or tea you use sugar, or cream with sugar in it, or buy a latte or other coffee or tea drink with lots of sugar. Get rid of it, switch to herbal tea and use Stevia, they have some great flavors that are naturally sweet. And for health’s sake please stay away from those monster calorie coffee drinks, you know the ones with the extra whip on the top.

Number 1: Refined Carbohydrates Are Not A Welcome Sight

You can be as refined as you want to be, but your carbs should not be refined. Too many sugars hide in refined carbs. White flour by nature may not be sugar but once consumed it is broken down in a similar manner. So bread sticks, pizza dough, sandwich bread, and even so called healthy cereals can contain as much white refined carbs as most sugary foods.


While some sugar in your diet is fine every once in a while you should do you best to eliminate sugar entirely. In the beginning it wont be easy as you may experience some intense cravings but given time you can wean yourself off of sugar. And believe me, you wont even miss it,