2017 is the Year to Be Mako Fit a Continuing Story of my Body Transformation

2017 a New Year and many changes. I am now Mako Fit and this is my story…


This is how I left off 2016, by achieving, no obliterating every goal I set for myself. It was an awesome feeling. Not only of accomplishment but of satisfaction. I wanted to become MAKO FIT, I mean that is my end goal.

And now I cant wait to share my journey with you, and hopefully, in some small way, help you to do the same.

If you don’t remember how it started you can check out my beginning stats here. It took me about a year to lose over 70 lbs.

And I did it this way to avoid getting saggy skin (this happens if you lose weight to quickly), and to make sure I developed good habits.

Habits that I could sustain for the rest of my life.

It was important that I made a change in my health for life. I didn’t want to go on a quick loss diet or try a crazy fitness fad. Only to gain the weight back again. I wanted to change how I lived for life.


And in turn it actually changed the way I lived other areas in my life.

Changes From Then to Now:


My weight changed from 260 plus pounds to below 190 lbs.

Body fat percentage went from over 30% to below 20%.

My shirt size went from 2XL to Medium or Large.

Waist size went from 44-46 inches to 33-34 inches.

Neck size was 18 1/2″ and is now below 16″.

And I am only about 12-14 pounds from my goal weight of 176 lbs.


Be Mako Fit Before Photos


Some massive changes have happened to me over the past year. I have so many things to be grateful for. But more importantly I have been able to work on improving my mental outlook, and emotional health.

It is amazing what a better outlook on life you have when you are healthy. You have got to try this, you will be amazed at the changes you will make.


Here are some of the awesome changes I experienced:


I have more energy. There are no more naps for me during the day unless I want to.

The back pain that I always had has virtually gone away.

My snoring has gone down dramatically.

All of my vitals were awesome at my last physical.

My self esteem has greatly improved.

I enjoy life a lot more and have a positive outlook.

Relationships are more important to me and I want to improve them.

I rarely get sick if at all.

And I have more time to do the things I love, and I can physically do them better now!


But I am not through just yet. I still have a little ways to go till I am at the “shredded look” that has been my ultimate goal. That will be about 10-12 percent body fat. So my next goal is to lose the final 10-12 pounds to get to about 176 lbs.

And if it ends up I look ripped enough at a higher weight I will stay there and concentrate on maintaining my muscle mass. Then its on to maintenance!

Losing the last 10 lbs is very hard to do. At least that is what I am told. This is due to the dedication that is need for this process and how slow and painful it can seem.

So this is my NEW plan on how I will go about losing these final pounds. And these are the photos from my starting weight of 188-190 lbs.



Final Weight Loss Goal and Plan for Achieving It:


My Skyscraper Goal was to get “Ripped” or have a body that shows off muscle.

The 1 Year Goal was to get down to 200 lbs. This goal was achieved. So the next part of that goal is to get down to a body fat percentage that looks ripped. In order to do that I have made the following new goal, based on my initial overall goal.

I want to keep with the theme of losing it slowly or no more than one pound a week.


4 Month Goal is to be at 176-178 lbs and at 12% body fat or below.

1 Month Goal is to lose 3-4 lbs.

Develop a cutting exercise plan, using 8-12 reps per set.

HIT on different cardio machines at a greater intensity than before.

Split training, cardio first thing in the morning and weight training in the afternoon.

Meal plan while cutting carbs later in the evening, and adjusting calories as I get closer to the goal weight.

Cut splurge meals and eat almost exclusively a strict cleaner diet.

Weekly Goal is to lose .5-1 lb.

5 HIT sessions of cardio and 1 hour long moderate session of cardio.

6 weight training sessions, 8-12 reps per set, and mostly super sets.

Eat about 2000 calories per day, only one cheat meal.

Daily Goal is to hit each workout metric and calorie intake daily.

Morning cardio session

Calf or abdominal workout session after cardio

Afternoon workout session

Eat according to meal plan 2 hours apart, 2000 calories

No carbs after 6 P.M.

Drink at least a gallon of water each day.

The impact thing I can do each day to hit my goal is…

Make a habit skyscraper of the daily goal above and ACHIEVE IT every day.


I set up each of my goals this way. Each goal starts with a broad goal I want to hit. Then I break it down into manageable steps by year, months, and days.

I do this until I get down to the single thing I can do to make it happen. Then I knock off those single things till the become a habit or I achieve my goal.


MAKO TIP: In the case where there are several things I need to do for my single thing I use a neat trick. I make a habit skyscraper, basically it is a layer of things I need to do in order like floors in a tall building. Then you simply act like the elevator and hit each floor  until your done.


If you want to know more about Skyscraping your habits to achieve your goals then read this awesome article.

SO HERE WE GO — LETS DO THIS… and of course you know I will give you progress updates as I go along each month.

Do you have a great body transformation story? If so leave a comment and let us know how you transformed your body.