The Easiest Way to Start your Amazing Transformation is with a Simple Reset

simple reset

Sometimes a Simple Reset is all you need to start your own amazing transformation…

Lets face it, all of the things people say to get started like just do it, take the first step, and so on, are just that. Sayings! Your own motivation comes from within.

While almost 95% of all people fail in their ability to stick to a healthy change long term, you can be in the 5% by doing a simple reset. By resetting the way you eat, sleep, move, and think you can start your life change and successfully stick to it.


And probably the most important is to learn Proper Sleep Hygiene, this is the basis of any good transformation reset.

Overall Goal is to get 7-9 hours of quality sleep a night.

The benefits of a good nights sleep is in its restorative powers. It helps repair muscles and in effect help with their growth. Muscles use more energy because the hold more mitochondria. In other words you will burn more calories.

Getting the same regular sleep night in and night out will establish a good bio-rhythm allowing your body to feel better day in an day out. Skip a regular sleep schedule and you may feel groggy or tired.

To do this you need to learn to practice proper sleep hygiene. So if you are ready here are a few tips on how to learn to sleep better:

TIP # 1 – Develop a bed time habit skyscraper, in other words have the same bedtime ritual each and every night. Once you get in the habit of doing this ritual your body will automatically know it is time for sleep. The following tips are things to include in your bedtime habit ritual.

TIP # 2 – before bedtime, cut down on electronic screen time. Preferably a half an hour before you lay your head down on your pillow. If you cannot cut down on for whatever reason then switch to blue light shading on your devices. I use this on my E-reader at night.

TIP # 3 – make the bedroom as noise and light free as possible. That can mean using black out curtains on all windows, getting rid of LED clock lights, and ridding the room of any things that can make noise. Yes that means probably leaving your phone outside of the room to charge or putting it on silent.

TIP # 4 – do not go to bed to full or too empty. If you are full then your metabolism may rev up and start digestion. To empty and you may feel some discomfort. Eat your last meal about 2-3 hours before bedtime.

And finally, remember the bed should be used for sex, comfort, and sleep. Avoid doing things that are “out of bed” things, like TV watching, eating, and other activities. Go to bed around the same time each night and more importantly, wake up the same time each morning.

If you do just one thing out of all of these the most important just well may be waking up the same time each morning. This will ensure your body gets into a natural rhythm that will help you wake refreshed each morning and stay energized each day.

This may all sound simple but the key here is repetition until it becomes habit. Once it is a habit then you will reap the benefits of sleeps restorative and energizing power.

Got this DOWN… then move on to Step # 2 setting up a baseline set of stats to begin your new healthy lifestyle.