Approved Ways to Cry Like a Man

Ways you are allowed to cry like a man…


The following experiences I have had that made this man (or any person for that matter) cry involuntarily, or cry like a man.


In other word shed tears due to the infliction of some outside force. Or in other, other words, sanctioned reasons why you, as a man, can cry because, well quite frankly, you cant help it!


First approved way to cry like a man!



If you have never had the pleasure of a nose wax then you do not know what you are missing. First a hot wax is applied to sticks and shoved up your nose and allowed to dry.


The paper towel is there for a good reason. Just in case you bleed, and bleed you will. After a good while has passed and the wax is dry…YANK…the stick is violently yanked out of your nose.


And man does it hurt. Your eyes water up and you have no choice but to cry. But the good news is that all the hair is gone.


Second approved way to cry like a man!



Nothing, and I mean nothing makes me cry faster and more deeply then nitro methane from a Top Fuel dragster run.


I have been to several drag races where spectators are allowed into the pit area to witness the tear down and rebuilding of top fuel motors.


In between each run the entire engine is torn down and rebuilt. Before the car is brought to the track it the engine is fired up.


Lets just say that the nitro methane emitted during the engine test run is powerful, so powerful that I have never seen anyone in the spectator side not be affected by it.


So if you think you have what it takes to take on these challenges and see if you can not “cry like a man” then I invite you to give it the old college try!


Let me know how it goes in the comments below!


Please note we are not ignoring the opposite gender or any other gender in the opinion of this article, I am simply saying that I am a male and this made me cry, boo-hoo.