The Truth About My Fitness Advice..You Wont Like It


What No One Will Tell you About Fitness Advice for Men over 45…


There is NO One Size fits all – Magic Pill – Holy Grail – over 45 workout program out there.


Not everything you hear is right for you. Because each and every BODY is different. And nobody knows your body better than you! So when you hear someone say that they know your body better than you, run from them as fast as you can.


This is YOUR LIFE, YOUR BODY, and YOUR MIND, so it should be under YOUR CONTROL.


Chances are You are Going to Fail


If this statement makes you mad then good! Because it is that determination you will need to succeed. I apologize (for others) if they don’t want to tell you the truth. But most people start the New Year with good intentions only to revert back to the same old behavior.  They are not RESOLUTE.



So how do you avoid the new years resolution pitfall? Well if that was an easily answered question the world we be full of completed resolutions. But for now you will need to rely on the one person who it is up to. Who is the one person it is up to?

You are the Best Advocate for You


Only you know what you are thinking right now, I don’t have a clue. You know if you are motivated, in pain, tired, or have an emotional issue gnawing at your last nerve. When looking at a lifestyle change through fitness or nutrition the best person to know if you are ready, is you.


Sure there are a lot of fat loss pills, diet centers, lose weight fast, and tons of other weight loss rhetoric out there.  Each promise colossal amounts of weight loss in little time. But you are the only one that can lose this weight. It is up to you to shed every pound in sweat and pain. And it will be you that has to struggle through the tempting trials of keeping it off.


Want to know the best workouts for men over 45? How to begin bodybuilding over 45? Or do you want to know the best exercise for over 45? Well these are all the WRONG QUESTIONS. The right questions are done by replacing the 45 with “you” and find out for yourself the answers. But is all that weight loss stuff bad?

The Best Weight Loss Adviser you Have is You


When it comes to weight loss, if you are serious, you will be changing your lifestyle. You are committing to eating healthier non-processed foods and daily exercise. If you are making this change in your life wouldn’t it be prudent to learn as much as you can about it?


If you changed jobs from a teacher to a plumber would it not make sense to get training on how to fix pipes. Not to mention certification. Learning as much as you can about exercise and nutrition is the best type of training you can get. And Remember…


And if a man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet, as he ought to know. I Corinthians 8:2


This is a lifestyle change, that means you want it to be permanent. To make it permanent you need to change from old behavior into new behavior for a long enough period of time that it becomes habit. You have to MAKE THE CHANGES, be able to LIVE THE CHANGES, and make the CHANGES PERMANENT. But what about real trainers and fitness experts?

A Great Trainer Will Work With you not Against You


With training advice and nutritional products its all about the money. Because nothing is for free. Even so called “free websites” rely on advertising, paid product placements, and affiliate revenue to keep the lights on. So take the advice like you would from any other source, as its intended, advice.


If you pay for training make sure that you are in control. Outline your goals, limitations, and experience. Get a plan that is suited for you. If you don’t like something then say something about it. Change it, don’t just go on blindly training because someone instructs without reason.


With training you are relying on someone to give you correct instruction based upon their knowledge. That knowledge then must work for your body to be useful. They show you how, you do, and then talk about the process.


And who knows your body better than you? So with a good trainer you need to work in conjunction with each other. It needs to be a synergistic relationship.


A good trainer can point areas you need to improve upon and skills you need to practice. While praising you for things you are doing well or have mastered. After a time you will be able to do this on your own and thus the student becomes the teacher. So What Does All this Mean for Me?

That It Really Is All Up to You!


For me it was really a decision, of not giving up over failing. Because I knew I was going to have some failures along the way. But I made it a point to do the following to ensure my success:


  • Make an achievable goal broken down  into sub-goals then into one task I could do each day to get closer to my overall goal.
  • Hold myself accountable by tracking my goal daily.
  • Rid myself of all negative emotions and self doubt. Use Positive Self Talk.
  • Re-commit to my goals each day. Write them down, review them.
  • Do the one thing above until it becomes routine, then move on to a new “one thing”.
  • Learn how to stack habits in groups for effortless execution.
  • Never give in or give up, if I failed, I would pick my self up, and try again.


Yes in the end to make this work you need to be in CONTROL of your weight loss and nutrition. Eat to Live not Live to Eat. Enjoy your workouts, have fun being healthy and marvel at the new you!