Healthy Life Hacks to Live Mako Fit – Simple things to improve everyday life!

Healthy Life Hacks to Live Mako Fit

Live Mako Fit – Simple Healthy Life Hacks to Improve your Daily Life…

Try these life hacks to help improve your day. They are very simple things you can do in a short period of time. Enjoy and if you have other healthy life hacks that our readers would enjoy please leave a comment below.

Sip that Water All Day!

No we are not telling you to go out and get a sippy cup. Any water container you choose will be fine. But we should be getting our requisite 8 cups of water per day.

Those who live a healthy lifestyle know that the figure is closer to 128 ounces per day. One great way to do that is to sip it all throughout the day. Then maybe the restroom breaks wont pile up so bad!

Sunshine for the Eyeballs

Simply look up at the sun with your eyelids closed. Count for 30 seconds and feel the light brighten underneath your eyelids. After 30 seconds look away and open your eyes. You should feel refreshed.

Take a Stand 

If you work at a desk job, in the cubicle jungle, or drive for a living then you need to stand up. Standing up for at least 5 minutes every hour can make a big difference. So take that stand today!