Mako Wellness in the 2nd Half of Life: How I Can Help, Teach, and Guide You

How I can help, teach, and guide you.


How I Can Help, Teach, and Guide You is all within but I can’t do the work for you!


Well that is why I came up with BeMakoFit, but this is my mantra. You need to get your own, but don’t worry its easy. Just insert your name where mine is, so it would be Be”your name”Fit. Then you own it, and then read on how I can further help.


I can impart my experience to help guide and inspire you, but you have to make the changes for yourself. If you are over 45, I can help with the process because you are probably suffering some of the same things I did…


You are probably overweight or obese. Almost 3 in 4 men are in this classification. 74%, so there is a good chance you are.


Suffering from Pain, 40% of the population has a chronic illness with over half having multiple conditions. 80% of people will experience back pain, and over 100 million people have chronic pain.


Now or someday you may have a mental illness. 1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental illness every year.


There is a 25 to 35 percent chance that you live a sedentary lifestyle. That number actually rises the older you get. Most of us sit for around 13 hours a day or more.


Nearly half of us have been divorced. And the rate climbs in subsequent marriages.


Brain function starts declining as early as 45 and some studies show it can be even earlier.


Testosterone is low, blood pressure and cholesterol are rising.


You are getting less than 6 hours a sleep at night and you probably snore.


More American are dissatisfied at work, and almost all American live with some regret.


And the list goes on and on.


OK, So how will you help me, BeMakoFit, I want to know how?


I had all of these issues happening to me. Every single one, and maybe even a few more. Well undoubtedly more! I had been there and as the saying goes “done that”.

I can show you how I overcame these issues, help you with your transformation, and show you some changes you can use to live a life of wellness which I call Mako Wellness. 

Helping others to develop the connection between the body-mind-spirit that resides in each of us. Learn more about my definition of Wellness…


We are living in the best of times in our relatively short history. There are numerous advances in technology that make our lives better.


These help us live longer, yet the statistics show that we are unhealthy despite all we have invented.


So what is next step, where do I go from here?


Do you want to BE MAKO FIT? Are you FAT, depressed, sedentary, unfulfilled, or just tired of being unhealthy? I was all of these, and I changed. And I can help you change too. That is all it takes, a true desire to change, commitment, and unwavering faith in yourself.


So what if we fail a little on the way, or things don’t go as we plan. We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and try again with a different approach. We keep our long term goal of overall health at the front of our “get done list” and each day we do things that will help us achieve this goal.


In The End…


If you are lazy, making excuses, or someone who quits then you may not be ready to change. If you are like me and had enough, then lets get started! It does not matter if you are just beginning or trying again for the fiftieth time. If you put your mind in the right place and dedicate yourself to changing your health then you can do it to!


See My Transformation Story Here.


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