A Mako Fit Over 45 Body Change Reboot for Life


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My Transformation Story Begins…


I was fat, actually I was obese, as far as the BMI chart was concerned. And I would yo-yo between 225 and 265 pounds of fatness all my adult life.

But now was the time to get SERIOUS after a few pounds have mysteriously returned during the 2015 holiday season.

Add on to that anxiety, constant sitting, and getting older, I knew it was time for change. In fact it was either time I changed or face serious health problems down the road.

In the last few months of 2015 I slowly tried to change the way I ate and dropped about 10 lbs. I dropped these pounds from October to December and I got down to below 255 lbs.

It was time to quit making excuses, playing the blame game, and starting resolutions that are never accomplished.

It was TIME to MAKE a PLAN for lasting health change…


I did not want to be a fat man (technically obese) over 45 anymore. It was causing me to die at a faster rate because of visceral fat in my midsection. I was tired, anxious, and a habitual sitter.

And I was losing my mental battle with anxiety. In addition my relationships are suffering. All because I refuse to be healthy instead choosing to wallow in a pit of terrible self-esteem.

The plan was to exercise daily and to change to a clean eating style, getting rid of all refined carbs, bad fats, and processed foods. It would be a slow change and not one I would do all at once.

My first goal will be to get into the 220 lb. weight range. Then my 2nd goal is to get down into the 205 lb. range. With a final goal of getting to about 176 lbs or the upper range of a healthy weight for my BMI.

I wanted to be a healthier man, truths is I needed to be a healthier man. But first I had to change my sedentary and eating habits. Studies show nutrition, and movement, can help you feel better about yourself.

And I wanted to feel better! Then I could start to work on my mind and spirit. It all starts with a healthy body. If the body is strong it can help the mind do miraculous things. A broken down body is a sure path to a broken down life.

Can I live up to my self imposed challenge to become a healthier person and finally achieve my goals? Is there something you can learn from my journey?


Well read on and we will find out together…


These are my starting stats beginning October 2015.


Weight is 259 lbs (Start of 2016) to 265 lbs (October 2015).

Height is 70 inches or 5’10” maybe a little over but not much.

My BMI = 33.47 kg/m2 or (Obese Class I).

Blood Pressure is normal but occasionally on the high side.

Waist Size Tape Measurement is 44-48″ which depends on the day!

Shirt Size is XXL – Pant Waist Size is 40 – Neck Size is 17 1/2″ to 18 1/2″ for comfort.

Body Fat Percentage was around 38%.

I have broken down this challenge into overall goals that I will make a life-long change in.


My lifelong goals are as follows:


Eat healthier including more protein, high fiber vegetables, and lower bad fat intake. Focus on healthy carbs, and eat less calories than I burn until I hit my target weight.

Stop sitting, and get up and move around every hour. Be more active during the day. Get enough rest at night.

Do yoga or Tai-Chi for flexibility, weight training to increase lean body mass, and cardio to increase endurance.


When I have my body goal working I want to concentrate on these things:


Overcome my anxiety and live with purpose.

Explore my passions in life and strive to pursue them.

Give back to the world by serving others, have more faith, show more gratitude, and exhibit more charity.

and finally I want to become a lifelong student and learn all I can.

So here is my BeMakoFit over 45 – Life Reboot for 2016


I wanted to reboot my weight loss after a brief (well maybe longer than brief) absence in which I gained most of my weight back. But this time I wanted it to be permanent.

This is the struggle I have had many times which meant I was not really committed to a lifelong healthy lifestyle change. I was wishing for it, but not setting goals and actively pursuing it.

Serious in intent, but not dedicated in action. It was know time for permanent change to stay healthy, for life.


So I figured in order to make real, manageable, change I needed a goal (not a wish) and a strategic plan on getting there. And I had to be realistic and be held accountable.




So I sat down and wrote out everything I felt about my current health statistics.


Here is a summary;


I am over 45, my testosterone, strength, and energy were decreasing and I snored loudly. Every day I was tired.

I am an endomorph body type with a high BMI and a lot of core body fat. Visceral fat can have a higher risk for heart problems and other chronic illness. Basically it is not good to carry weight around the core of the body.

I take several medications for anxiety. I was angry all the time.

And finally all of my body vitals were rising like blood pressure, cholesterol, and other measurable vitals that indicated increased risk to my health.


After taking stock of my current health I wrote down a SMART GOAL. One  in which I could get down to my first goal weight; below 220 lbs and under 25% body fat.


And I want to share this plan with you, so please read on… Please join the BeMakoFit revolution, for a limited time it is free for total access. And you will get access to all of the expanded information below.




It was time to stop thinking about making a change and prepare to make that change. This where I got serious and made a change in my mental thinking. Where I got motivated to change.

And finally where I planned the change with a written plan filled with achievable goals. We will talk about this more in how to prepare to make a mental change. Here are some of the topics I will discuss…


How to reprogram the brain to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Get a desire for real and lasting change. Motivation baby!

Prepare to make the change, overcome negative thoughts, and make a plan.



One important thing to consider is the support of those around you. You need to make sure there is no one around sabotaging your efforts. This is important for sustained success.

Learn what it means to get a good support network as I talk about these things…


Get the support of those closest to you. Find people who will cheer you on!

Support yourself (with positive self talk) and not sabotage your efforts.

Find and read books, websites, and use programs that can help your efforts.



In the beginning I wanted to take it slow with a, tiered, and realistic approach, to this lifestyle change. I wanted to learn about myself, my health habits, and how exercise and food affect my body.

If I just rushed out of the gate I felt I would fail, and maybe this time for good. I knew if I started slow and built a good foundation I would see success and I could build on that.

Here are some of the things I will discuss about how you can start slow and set yourself up to succeed…


Set up accountability measures to keep on track and measure progress. Keep a journal or use a tracking app to see success.

Re-Evaluate methods and refine plan, keep doing this over and over. Constant change is best for creating a healthy fat burning physique and to avoid quitting.

Reward myself when I have hit goals. Don’t fail, but if I do slip up, re-dedicate myself to trying again.



My plan is now in full swing and I hit my first goal about 7 months in. I was down to 220 lbs. and about 25% body fat. Not bad I thought. But now I knew I could do this so I pushed even harder. I can really do this! It’s time to get serious and achieve a new goal.

I was excited and that comes from seeing results. So when its time you make new goals and constantly strive to improve. You know how and we will discuss how to keep doing it…


Make a new plan for your desired healthy lifestyle goal. I did this in two phases.

Increase intensity in cardio, weights, and really transform my body.

Incorporate advanced training methods, and fun exercise methods.

Reach the coveted Maintenance Phase.



This is me before I went on my second phase of my new goal. I am at about 200 lbs, 20% body fat, and I wear a size Large shirt (I can fit in some medium). My waist is a size 34, and I FEEL GREAT!

I have more energy, my outlook was better. I had my anxiety under control with less medication. And my relationships were blossoming.

All because I got my physical health under control and was able to focus my energy working on other vital areas in my life.


Now it is time to go to the next phase of my body transformation, so check out what I am up to in 2017!



Develop a way to eat that is healthy and hits my nutrition goals.

Know about the top 10 foods you should avoid.

Understand meal planning. See a Sample Meal Plan. And make a custom meal plan.

View a supplement guide to help with supplements you should use.

Learn how to shop and prepare foods.

Understand your relationship with food and how to look at food differently.

Remember to not deprive yourself all the time. Sometimes its OK to cheat.

And finally; learn when to eat, portion sizes, and frequency.



Develop an exercise routine that fits in with your lifestyle.

Lift weights and do HIIT cardio.

Live actively. Get lots of rest. Hydrate.



What to do if you stopped losing weight.

Or are gaining weight.

How to fight off the feelings of not being motivated.



Try and go further and set a new goal, or…

Learn how to flourish in a maintenance phase.

Live your different life to the fullest.

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