Live Mako Fit Over 45



Lets Live Mako Fit Over 45, Here is How I did it…


Lets talk about getting in the best shape of your life during the 2nd half. Many would say that this is an impossible task.


But with all we know today, on how to eat properly, build lean muscle, and live healthier, we can truly live a better life after the age of 45.


So lets get going and enjoy the 2nd half of life better than the first. Living MAKO fit over 45 is a lot easier than you think.

This is how I lost over 70 lbs in 2016 and my journey of getting into the best shape of my life.


I will show you:


What caused me to want to make this change.

Why it is important to have the support of those around you.

How I exercised and adopted a healthy eating lifestyle.

When you should start maintaining your weight and enjoying the new you!


Why the Change of Heart?


I talk about the reasons that I started this new lifestyle change.

Reveal my starting statistics and outline my initial goals.

Finally I go over the plan that I used to achieve my goal.

How did you Mentally Prepare to do this?


One of the most important things I had to do was prepare myself mentally for this transformation. There have been many times I have started things and have given up on them.

But this time I wanted it to be different so I decided that I would prepare myself differently this time to make sure I succeeded.


What helped me decide to change?

How did I make these changes, mentally so they would stick?

Finally, how did you deal with the mental challenges that stood in the way of success?

What is so Important about a Support Network?


This was very important in making sure my success was ongoing and long term. Too many times before my spouse and I started dieting and working out at different times.

Then inevitably one sabotaged the other into giving up. So having her support and both of us changing our life style at the same time was critical to my overall success.


Who SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be in your support network?

How do you support yourself?

What are the ways you can get support from other sources?

How did you Start your Transformation Journey?


My journey started slowly. I have lifted weights before so I knew I would get very sore if I just went in there and pounded the iron heavy and hard.

So to get acclimated to things without being overwhelmed I took it slow. And Sore! So here are some of the things I did to take it easy on myself.


I looked around for a gym to workout in, I thought this would be easy. Learn from my mistake and read about the biggest mistake I made when choosing a gym.

Outline an easy workout till my fitness level improved.

Study the best exercises, fat loss methods, cardio styles and ways to stay motivated.

Setup tracking methods that were easy to use and quick.

Constantly re-evaluating my progress and continuing with things that worked and getting rid of things that did not.

Achieving My First Goal – Now what should I do?


I hit my first weight loss goal and my fitness level was increasing. And now it was time to ramp it up and get serious.

So I set a new goal and went about attacking the left over fat. Literally chomping it off bit by bit until I got down to my goal weight.

The End is near and a healthy life awaits!


The time is finally here. The end of my journey. The last 10 pounds before I am at my goal. This is probably going to be the hardest thing I have yet to do.

But I am determined and ready to shine. I am ready to Be MAKO Fit. And in the best shape of my life after the age of 45.


The second half of my life will not be wasted.


I will have a better life, a healthy body, and I will be able to do more with a fit body, sound mind, and charitable spirit.

You can too, all you need to do is take that very first step. Think that first thought, grow it and turn it into action.





Learn to Live Mako Fit… Its fairly easy and only includes a few simple things?


Eat Well:  learn to eat only non-processed foods and fuel your body for performance.

Move Well:  humans are meant to move, we are powerful and strong.

Act Well: understand the powerful and restorative benefits of a good working mind.

Work Well: use the body-mind-spirit connection to work towards a purposeful life.


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