Men’s Health Checklist – What you Should Ask your Doctor About if you are Over 45

Men's Health Checklist

If you are over the age of 45 this Men’s Health Checklist is something you should go over with your doctor…

We are here, that age where the 2nd half of life begins. It is wonderful isn’t it? So now that you are here you have some responsibilities. Things you need to take care of in order to live a longer healthier life.

Lets start by going over the ten things you should ask your doctor when you reach the age of 45. Call it a Men’s Health Checklist, and use it next time you visit your doctor.

If you Life to Drink..

Then talk with a Doctor about Your Alcohol Use , If you are concerned about your drinking, ask your doctor about screening and counseling. Now is the time to think about reducing your alcohol consumption as it can lead to:

Mood problems like anxiety and depression.
Skin damage.
Increased risk of heart attack and stroke.
Liver Disease.
Decrease sperm quality (but you may not care at this age).
Increased weight gain.

Stop drinking for several days in a row and you can lessen the damage. Or by not drinking at all for periods of 6 months or longer.

Its that time again, get your Shots!

Get Shots to Protect Your Health , find out what shots you may need. Such shots like the shingles and Pneumococcal vaccine, may be suggested for your age. And while you are there check and see if you missed any necessary vaccines as a child that you can get now.

Its time to put the cuffs back on…

No not those cuffs, we recommend you stay away from any legal trouble. We are talking about your blood pressure. Now is the time to get it checked and each year thereafter.

It goes up it goes down, make sure you keep the good up and the bad down!

That’s right get your cholesterol checked and make sure your LDL (the bad one) and HDL are at acceptable levels. Eating right, and exercise may keep your cholesterol levels normal.

Birds get it, so do Swine, but you don’t need it so get the shot.

This one is easy, get the seasonal Flu Vaccine. And the older  you get the more susceptible you may be to the flu, so keep getting it every year.

If you are still doing this, please stop it immediately.

Stop smoking. If you have trouble quitting talk with your Doctor about ways you can quit. If you quit in your 40’s you may be able reduce most of the health risks you have accumulated over the years.

Are you feeling sad or down lately, don’t take this lightly…

You may have depression. Talk with your Doctor if you are feeling sad, hopeless, or down. Depression can affect us especially later in life.

Carry a little more around the middle, now is the time to get rid of that visceral fat.

That fat around your belly is dangerous. It can lead to chronic illness. The good news is that you can reduce your risk factor by getting your weight under control. If you are unsure on how to do this talk with your doctor about how you can lose weight.

Take time to get an HIV test if you have never had one.

If you have never had an HIV test you should get one. After the age of 45 you should get your blood work done at each yearly physical and you can request them to do an HIV test as well.

It is time to stop eating junk and process foods.

Reduce or give up sugar, refined carbs, process foods, and harmful fats. Focus on eating lean meats, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Use healthy oils and enjoy a healthy diet of nutritious foods.


If you follow this Men’s Health Checklist and ask your Doctor about the things that are bothering. You will increase your health, and start to live a better life. Live MAKO fit, and transform into a healthy, positive, and strong MAN!