Self Love vs Self Awareness – no need to set goals just change and grow.

This is not about goal setting, I am not saying that goals are bad, this about self love vs self awareness – and which is better?


Loving yourself is a good thing, but being aware of your self is better.  Once in a while its OK to learn you are not such a good person. Its in that moment you can choose to grow.


 Can you solve all of your problems?


The answer is NO. Because each and everyone of them will solve themselves – eventually you die and then bingo no more problems.


I mean your dead lots of problems still exist in the world, but hey, they just are not your problems any more.


We all have heard the adage that a chain is as good as its weakest link well we are the same… we are as good as our weakest link.



Think about that for a moment, what is your weak link? Here is where self love is rationalized, when weakness is accepted and you just live on. Or you can grow from out of this awareness. TRUE CHANGE.


You can be self aware and say “I eat to much”. But to truly grow you must change it, get better each day. Just a small change each day, a less than 1% change, compounded daily can make you over 30% better that year.


Can you imagine how much you would grow if you changed something that much over when you started?


Find those areas you want to change that will require the most growth, and then act on them, grow better each day. After a year you will be a different person, more in self-love, and ready to change even more.


Human nature makes us look the other way from our weaknesses. Its easier to blame something else. Other people, things, or circumstances.


I don’t have time, my car is broken, or I love pasta to much, That person is to mean, its too hot outside, or my house is messy.


So you don’t have enough time to eat healthy. I get it. I used to feel that way. You know what, I worked at it. I started making my meals ahead of time, about 3-4 hours on the weekend. Bagged it all up, and voila I had all my meals ready for the day.


I simply throw it in the microwave and heat it up, no wasted time making a meal every day, no standing in front of the fridge wondering what to eat. And no running out to fast food because I am just to lazy to cook. Several problems solved only because I chose to change.


So if you are bad at something, fight hard not to accept it, and fight even harder to change it. You will find that you will be happier and more at peace.


Just setting goals to rid yourself of all of your pesky issues wont get you anywhere, because quite frankly you cant get rid of every problem you have, more come up.


Life is about problems, you just choose whether you want to solve them or accept them.


There are no goals just change. LOVE, AWARENESS, CHANGE, GROWTH.


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