Snickers Candy Bar Versus Pure Protein Bar – Which is Healthier the Answer Will Surprise You

Snickers Candy Bar Versus Pure Protein Bar

Some of us were stair climbing talking about how healthier options of things are not actually any better for you. They are just repackaged with more additives, chemicals, and false sugars. Then the thought of a Snickers bar popped in my head (Snickers is a registered trademark of Mars, Inc.) and an equivalent bar I used to eat because I thought it was healthier and packed with protein. The Chocolate Deluxe Pure Protein Bar.

So Lets Talk it out and see who comes out on top…



First – Taste Comparison

To me there is no debate here. I mean nothing satisfies all of those cravings like chocolate, peanuts, caramel, or salt, sugar and fat. So the first round is for the Snickers.


Second РCarbohydrate Comparison

The protein bar has only 4g of sugar, 3g of fiber, but 7g of sugar alcohols. On the other hand the Snickers bar has 33g of sugar, 1g of fiber, and 27g of sugar. While it is true that protein bar does have less sugar, it has 7g of sugar alcohols and a warning about how it can cause gastrointestinal issues and act as a laxative. Lets call this a draw but I believe that the sugar in the Snickers bar is probably better for you than the sugar alcohols.


Third – Protein Comparison

There is no comparison here. After all a protein bar is supposed to be full of its name sake. The Snickers has only 4g of proteins, while the protein bar from Pure Protein has 33g. So the winner here, hands down is the protein bar. Back to a draw!


Fourth – Sodium Content

The Snickers bar has 120mg of sodium and that is not a lot only about 5% of your recommended daily intake. The protein bar on the other hand has only slightly more sodium and the same 5% of your RDA.


Fifth and Final Criteria is the Ingredient List

The final determinant of which bar is better for you comes down to the ingredient list. You can see it compared below. The protein bar has far more ingredients than the Snickers bar, and also more chemicals and additives. This alone would put the protein bar out of the running. But add to that, warnings, additional allergens, and the kicker… Partially produced with genetic engineering.


And the Winner Is…

If you are looking for 33g of protein regardless of the chemicals and additives it takes to make it, then a protein bar is an option. But when you add the deleterious effects of sugar alcohols, and genetic modifications it seems unhealthy to me. So for me, while full of sugar the Snickers bar is a better option, health wise.

In the end this is just a fun conversation. We should avoid sugar, processed foods, and genetically modified foods. I do eat sugar, rarely as my taste buds have changed and I don’t find I need it anymore. So there may be a time that I would eat a candy bar. But after this I doubt I would eat a protein bar.

But it is interesting to see how we have re-packaged seemingly unhealthy options into genetically modified options laden with chemicals and additives. Complete with the accompanying warnings!


Snickers Bar versus Protein Bar Infographic


So what do you think is a healthier option?