Step 4 Get Serious – Fit Over 45 Gchanmako Body Change

Get Serious about weightlifting


Now is the time to get serious and ramp it UP…


So we have jumped into our new lifestyle. We have taken it slowly getting used to lifting weights and being on cardio machines. Now you are ready for the next step.


Here is where we get serious, where the work is done. Where you will see the most gains.


Don’t worry it, it wont be easy. In fact it will be hard, you will have to lift more, sweat a lot, and eat well.


But it will all be worth it as you become a thinner, healthier, and stronger you.


So lets talk about ramping up your program. Lets setup a reasonable goal that can be achieved in a specific time frame.  We will then revamp our exercise and nutrition plans and make sure they are in line with our goals. And finally we will ramp up our intensity in our workouts and blast the fat away.


Lets go…its time to get serious, and attack that fat!


First lets make a goal. Remember to make your goal a SMART one. We all know the acronym, and if you cannot remember it then look it up.  Once you have the goal break it down into easy manageable tasks. Until you get down to one thing you can do per day in order to meet that goal.


Here is an example of a goal I made for myself:


Get Down to 200 lbs and below 17% Body Fat in 12 months.

At 6 Months check in at 225 lbs and 25% Body Fat.

Monthly, make an exercise plan, and nutrition plan and track them on and

Weekly lose about 1 pound on average.

Daily, eat my calories and do my workout.


See it is pretty simple, if you break it down into one thing you can do each day. Then it was up to me to do these things each day to make my goal a reality. And guess what, the magic is that it works! I did the daily work and the weight came off.


I hit my weekly goal of a pound of weight loss per week. The monthly goals were met. I hit my 6 month goal. And in the end I obliterated my original goal by about 12 pounds.


The beauty about hitting a goal is that is so satisfying. When you see the progress you have made you want more. The pounds are flying off, clothes are fitting better, people are starting to notice.


I remember several people stopping me in the gym saying what a difference I have made in my body. That fueled me even more.


So I made a new goal. I believe goals are important. They give you something to achieve and work for. You can track it and see your progress. And you can celebrate when you achieve it.


Then start a new one! Imagine if you become goal oriented, achieve them, and start more. You will become and achiever rather than some poor soul wishing things would change.


So here is the next goal I made for myself:


Get down to about 12% body fat which when combined with my LBM (lean body mass) will put me at about 176 lbs in 6 months.

At 3 months check in at 180-185 lbs,  at 15% body fat.

Each month make an aggressive high intensity exercise plan and a low fat diet plan.

Weekly lost about .5 lbs per week while not losing any muscle or very little muscle.

Daily – stay withing or slightly below my calorie intake and eat cleaner. 2 a day workouts with intensity.


Now is the time that I ramp it up. The last bit of weight will be the hardest because it is the stubborn fat that wants to hold on. Like a child clinging to its mothers leg the first day of school.


But this is it, the last bit of fat. I can hardly contain my excitement because I am so close.

It is amazing how everything gets exponentially harder and you have to ramp everything up. Intensity, motivation, dedication, and willpower have to be at their peak.


Right now I have just started this goal, and I am in the midst of this challenge. It is very difficult and each pound seems to come off agonizingly slower than the last. I find myself doing everything I can to keep my attention focused on my goal.


Sometimes I wonder if I can go on, but I have made it this far so hey, whats a little farther. This goal crap works and I have complete faith in it.


So as I trudge through this muddy bog of my final body transforming I am encouraged by the progress so far. I know that if I keep at it I will achieve my goal. So after you have acclimated to your new lifestyle don’t be afraid to ramp it up and go for it.


Set a great goal, one that will stretch you and is achievable. The go for it, and achieve it, then set a new on. I hope you can do it, I know you can do it. I did it, and it was a lot of hard work.

So what is next? Well Lets see what I am doing in 2017 to keep the pounds off


Now that you have made a new goal learn how to take your nutrition seriously, and workout properly.