10 things to HELP you STOP Dieting and Adopt a Healthy Lifesytle


Diets Don’t Work but Lifestyle Change Does…

We have all seen the latest TV ads for crazy diet fads, wonder pills, and 24 hours miracle cleanses. The truth is these fad diets do not work. In fact most diets do not work.


Why do Diets not Work you ask?


Because weight gain is a symptom of a deeper issue. And until  you get to the root of that issue you will continue to experience the yo-yo affect of dieting. I know it happened to me. 

Diet companies, supplement manufacturers, and weight loss centers just want your money. They know that 95% of you will fail and keep coming back for more. More pain, More Gain, and More Shame!

6 minute abs, get shredded by eating coconuts, 30 day juice fasts, and get the body you want in as little as a week. These are the promises you are bombarded daily with. Its no wonder diets DO NOT work.


It is because they are designed NOT TO WORK!


So what does work? What can you do to keep the weight off?


Maybe you are desperate to lose weight. And you don’t believe the statistics above. But look around you. Over 70% of the people in the US are overweight or obese. That is very telling.

Weight gain is not the issue you have it is simply a symptom.  We use food to help us cover up many things including:


Insecurity, Stress Reduction, or to distract us from other pain.


So if you want to keep weight off for life you need to make a lifestyle change. And these things can help you make that change. But before you read, please note that if you are obese, overweight you should seek medical advice to discuss if you are ready and healthy to do so.


5 Things to help you to STOP DIETING…


Find the root cause of your issue with food. This can be done with therapy, or by getting a true understanding of your food eating habits.

Quit denying you have a weight problem. Chances are you DO! The CDC reports that the Percent of adults age 20 years and over with overweight, including obesity: 70.7% (2013-2014), and Percent of adults age 20 years and over with obesity: 37.9% (2013-2014).

Make sure you have a real reason to change to a healthy lifestyle. Remember you want to do this for life. So if you are doing this for someone else, or something else, chances are you will fail. Do it for yourself and because YOU want to change.

Commit to your new lifestyle. This can be the hardest thing you will do; that is to start your change. Because we are so automated with our usual daily habits. But NOW we are going to change those habits.

But beware, this change can cause emotional resistance. So use this resistance as a motivator and understand by starting and showing up you have already accomplished a lot.

Keep the motion going. A couch potato is constantly at rest and will stay at rest. A person who is active tends to stay active. So keep the momentum going. We are a sum of our daily habits. So change these habits to keep you healthy and moving.


I know we Promised you 10 so here are the other 5…


The best way to approach your new healthy lifestyle is to start small and slow. The problem with fad diets is the give you to much to fast, and you cannot sustain it. Why? Remember how you are a sum of your habits.

Well science has show us that it takes on average 60 + days before a new behavior will become automatic. So if you are trying to change to much to fast you simply will give up.

Be accountable for everything you put in your mouth and how much you move. And be AWARE of why you do things. If you eat at a certain time, or eat on the run, or in front of the TV, think about it. Even more think about WHY you do it. Being accountable and aware will help you change your lifestyle.

Set some GAGS! Good, achievable, goals can help you achieve your healthy lifestyle. Without a goal you may find yourself wandering in the vast dieting desert… lost!

Write down everything. Journal about your relationship with food. How much you eat, when you eat, and why you feel like you need to eat certain foods. By writing down your feelings about food “in the moment” you will be able to later analyze your log for ways to change that relationship.

Support yourself! That means telling those who are around you about your goals. Tell them you need their help. Don’t sabotage yourself. Keep thinking positive thoughts and replace negative emotions quickly.

Hang out with like minded people. You may have to give up some friends who may not understand your new found healthy outlook.


In the End it is Really up to YOU!


If you really want to get off the dieting yo-yo ride and stop dieting for good try some of these techniques. Nothing can replace the studying and information that you discover on your own. You are the best advocate you have for a healthy lifestyle.

You know your body better than anyone else, and you know your mind even better. Keep that in mind and use the knowledge you know to work for you and stop dieting and grab that healthy lifestyle that you deserve.