Easy to Make Oven Roasted Diced Sweet Potato Recipe


The sweet potato is a tasty addition to any meal plan…

I love potatoes, but there is something even more enticing about the sweet potato. Some people give the regular potato a bad rap and say the sweet potato is much better. While this is simply not true, the sweet potato is just, well sweeter, than its tuber cousin.

In my journey to a healthier life, I knew I had to concentrate on losing weight. So I made sure that my meal plans were as simple as possible. This was so I could concentrate on focusing on my training.

Simple meal plans mean less hassle in preparation, less worry about what to eat and when, and more motivation to eat right. This sweet potato recipe is easy to make, grab and go, and delicious.

A whole sweet potato unpeeled

Here is what you will need…

5-6 Sweet Potatoes
Baking Dish
Cutting Board
Olive Oil
Spices – I use cinnamon, allspice, ginger, pepper, and apple pie spice. But feel free to use whatever spices you want.

First thing is to make sure your knife is sharp, and your cutting board is ready. Then cut off each end of the sweet potato, this makes it easier to peel.

Sweet potato cut the ends off

Then peel the entire potato and discard the peels. Make sure you remove all of the outside skin, you can then rinse them and set aside to cut. Repeat until all potatoes are peeled and rinsed.

Peel the sweet potato

If the potato is rather large, then cut it lengthwise into three pieces. If the final diced pieces are to large they may not cook thoroughly.

sweet potato cut lengthwise three ways

Then dice each section into bite sized cubes but making 3-4 lengthwise cuts and then several vertical cuts for desired cube sized pieces. Throw them into the baking dish.

Once they are all diced into bite sized cubes and thrown into the baking dish it is time to season them. I use cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ginger, pepper, and also apple pie spice. A little bit of olive oil and then I toss it all right there in the dish.

Then bake them in the oven for about 45-60 minutes at 400 degrees , and when done, you can put a slight crisp on them by broiling them for another 5-10 minutes.

So there you have it…

Easy to prepare and simple to make, this recipe will give you enough for the week. Throw a half-cup to a cup in a zipper bag or plastic container and have the ready to go when needed.

This is enough to have for two meals. Wasnt that easy? Remember keep it simple until you get the hang of eating clean then you can go fancy and crazy.