Do you want to be Healthy over 40: Perseverance is the KEY!

When you lose over 80lbs in a year people will take notice. And the questions start to come. The number one question I get is…

” How did you do it”?

I always sigh when I hear this question. Because I know they are not going to like the answer. And most of the time I feel like I am wasting words, because in reality most people just dont do the “thing” it takes to do what I did.

But I always end up telling them how I did it and the one thing that it took…P E R S E V E R A N C E. I think everyone has the ability to practice perseverance, but most of us don’t have the discipline.

Day in and day out of eating well, and moving, all the time. Giving up years and years of bad habits, and changing a lifestyle is not easy. Telling someone how to do it is even harder.

Almost all will fail, that is why I tell them the truth of how hard it is. But some, those who have perseverance, will do all that it takes to succeed. That is how I did it. I get up every day and go to the gym, day in and day out. Whether I am sick, injured, or tired. I try and do what I can. Every meal I eat whole nutritious foods, and for the most part do not deviate.

In the beginning if I failed, and most of will, I got back up and started again. Had a bad meal, the next one was better. Missed a workout, the next day I made sure I was there. And when I felt like quitting, well that is when you find out if you have that special thing inside. What I call perseverance.

But in the end, what I would like for you to know is that, yes to do what I have done is hard. Very hard. But it can be done, and many have done it. It just takes a little perseverance on your part.