Work Mako Fit


Work Mako Fit is about working for yourself…


To “just live” is one thing, but we are built to work. The body and mind are active and should be put to a worthwhile effort. We are not meant to merely eek out an existence. But to decide what we want to do, how we want to work.


Do we climb the corporate ladder or do we go out on our own? To Work Mako Fit you need to build the brand that is YOU!



What greater joy is there in working towards your true purpose in life. A fit body and healthy mind can do quality work. A body that is rundown will impair the mind, and your ability to do good things!


It does not matter if you have a boss or are self employed. If you Live Mako Fit, you know that you are your own BRAND. And you are always working for yourself.


But today’s jobs have moved away from the active workplace and have placed us in dangerous and unhealthy sitting cubicles.


Work Mako Fit the Cubicle Jungle


It is in this desk-box jungle we become unhealthy as we sit in positions unnatural to our body, Then you sit in a car on your way to your cubicle jungle. All leading to our butts sitting on average 13 hours per day.


So let’s discuss how you can live Mako fit. Both in mind and body while you pursue that dream career or look for new opportunities in life.


Or better yet how you can break free of the cubicle jungle, Live Mako Fit and own your own Company!


What are other ways you can Work Mako Fit? Well lets talk about how…