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I saw myself in a photo…and I could see it was time for change.


Who likes change?

I certainly didn’t, I mean I was a guy who was happy eating the same unhealthy meals every day. But whenever it felt like a good time to change I just never seemed to have the desire or the will.


As a matter of fact, I was resistant to change. I didn’t want change, I did everything in order to avoid it. This is not a healthy outlook for anyone. Because change is inevitable.



Yes…if I did not change. I would start a diet or exercise program but eventually give up. Until I came upon a photograph that gave me pause to contemplate my current health. And then I knew I needed to make a change, a final one for life…


CPA is the acronym I used for change, because acronyms help me remember!
C is for the Contemplation Stage where I decided to tell myself the truth. I had a HUGE weight problem even though I didn’t know how to change it right now.
But I quickly moved into the Preparation Stage where I decided to make a plan to change. So I wrote down a mission statement for my life, smart goals to live my mission statement, and daily actions to achieve it.
Then I vaulted into the Action Stage where I started to make real lasting change one single moment at a time. Simple changes at first, ones that I could see quick success and then build upon those successes.

Before lasting change you are supposed to go through these 5 stages


Pre-Thinking – I don’t have a problem that needs changing. I am fine, everything is fine.
Thinking– I know I have a problem but I don’t want to do anything about it.
Preparation – It is time that I do something to change. So lets make a plan.
Action or Commitment  – Look at me, I am changing.
Finally there is Upkeep or Relapse – I am making my changes permanent or I am going back to old behaviors.



I had spent my entire life up until now in the Pre-Contemplation stage. Denying I had a health problem, saying things like; I was big boned, or I can get healthy later, or I can handle the extra weight.


I would say anything, do anything,  to not have to make a change. All the while I would gain weight until I topped out at over 260 lbs, give or take a few pounds.

This is the Photo that Changed a lot for me…



This is the photo that quickly moved me into the contemplation stage where I realized I had a weight problem. I had reached an obese state according to BMI standards, and my body fat was over 37%.

So then and there I decided I wanted to make a change.


Not go on a diet, because in the past those have never worked for me. I would just yo-yo my weight until I finally gave up. I really wanted to make a genuine lifestyle change.


Only 5% of people who go on diets keep the weight off long term!


And knew if I wanted to live longer and not suffer from chronic illness I needed to get rid of the fat around my core, and get to a healthy weight.


So I moved into the Preparation Stage and decided to overhaul my lifestyle and get down to healthy weight and body fat percentage.


I set my first goal for myself which was 225 lbs, and under 25% body fat.


Then I wanted to further my transformation by getting below 200 lbs, and 19% body fat.


And finally achieve my ultimate goal of 180 lbs to 175 lbs and around 12-16% body fat.

This final weight is a little below what I weighed in high school.


It is also acceptable for my height, age, and bone structure according to BMI standards. So can I really do it this time?


Well, as you know, any goal with out a plan to achieve it is simply a wish. And I was through making wishes. So YES I was going to do it this time!


So I moved into the next stage of change which was the Action and Commitment stage. In this stage there are three key areas I needed to address while I began to prepare my goals.



Have a Great Positive Attitude

Even in the midst of adversity one should have a happy positive attitude. I cant think of anything more powerful for the mind than positive thinking. In a lifestyle change you are going to need to be dedicated and have a great positive mental outlook.


Belief in What You Are Doing

Now you have a great attitude and you are encouraging yourself with happy positive thoughts. Now you need to believe you can accomplish these things. Develop a belief in what you are doing, trust yourself, have faith in yourself. You can do this…if you set your mind to it…you really can do it!


Commitment is the Key

Staying committed to the whole process is key. That doesn’t mean if things are NOT working you cannot change them, it does mean that you should stay committed to your overall goal no matter what. Or hey, don’t start, you will just be wasting  your time. If you fail, take it as learning, and start again. Commitment is doing the correct thing even in the midst of failure.


ANow I had to get myself ready to act, living a great life, means I need to “Always Embrace Change”…

Each and every year the seasons change. It is inevitable. Humans change second by second, the past are just chapters already written in your life’s book, but your future has not been written. It will be full of change.


Embrace it, and learn to love it. If you expect your body to change, then you must embrace change. Trust me, there will be a lot of changes for you if you take a journey similar to mine.


In the end I had to make a mental change to prepare myself to begin this lifestyle change. You see anyone can say they want to change.


But in order to really make a significant change you need to go over it in your mind, believe it, commit to it, and then act on it.


Simple isn’t it?


Change your attitude from “you cant” to “you can”. Then believe THAT you can, and finally commit to that belief with a positive mental attitude.


Want to start your own transformation right now? Are you ready to change?


Then lets start with making a lifelong change and get ready to BeMakoFit, let me help you with your own change of mentality to allow you to get in the best shape of your life after the age of 45.



If you want to know more about my transformation move on to the support you are going to need to make this kind of change. Please read on…


But WAIT there is one thing you should know about everything that I am saying here