Step 2 Support Network – Fit over 45 Gchanmako Body Change

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Find Support from those Around You…


You can do this alone, but a great Support Network can make all the difference in the world to achieving your goal.

What makes this hard, is that you are changing some things in your life that may not be in sync with others in your life.

While you are eating healthier, others may be eating food that is unhealthy and tempting to you to just give in to bad good choices.

While you are working out each day, others may be doing things that are funner than clanking the weights.

And finally when you are down, in a plateau, or unmotivated, others may not understand what you are trying to accomplish and encourage you to give up.

These are just things in your life you should avoid, but sometimes you cannot avoid these people in your life, so you need to explain to them your goals and get their support.




Feed off of Each Others Successes…


This probably was the most significant help to my belief system, going forward, for the changes I was making. It occurred when I moved in sync with my spouse and we both were on the same wave length in regards to our eating habits.

Before I would go to the gym only half the time and I didn’t really care about what I was eating. But my spouse wanted us to be healthier foods, lose excess fat, and to live a quality life.

She started to measure and track her food, eat only whole foods, increase protein intake, and eat every 2-3 hours.

When I saw her success and noticed her fast progress it motivated me to make those same changes. Now it is so much easier for us to feed off of each other for support and sometimes engage in some healthy competition with one another.


Also we help each other in supportive ways.

Now we eat the same foods, and make better choices when we go out to eat.

If needed we encourage each other when we are tired and don’t want to go the gym.

We rescue one another when we want to go off the deep end and binge on unhealthy foods or skip a workout.

Support  Yourself in a Positive Way…


Now with the support network of others close to me, I needed to learn how to support myself and make sure I didn’t sabotage my own efforts. Self sabotage can lead you down a road that sometimes is hard to find your way back from.


Constant encouragement, good self-talk, and reasonable goal setting has helped me to stay on the right path and not give up.




I needed to have reasonable expectations. And not think that I could lose weight quickly or think that it would just melt away.

After all I put it on over several years  to get to this weight on. But this time I wanted to take it off and be able to maintain it.

So it was important to make sure that my goal setting and expectations were both set to things I could achieve and then feed off of those successes along the way.

Learn From Others and use Tools to Support your Goals…


Finally, surround yourself with tools that can add to your success. And there are a lot of them out there. I realized that this was my body. And nothing I read would be geared directly to my body and what I needed.


I became a student of my body, and learned all that I could by this method;

First I tried it,if I didn’t like it,

I refined it, and when it worked,

I put into practice, and used what worked,

and I discarded what didn’t work.


So become a student, learn all that you can, and use it to apply to your body.



I use two apps on my phone that sync to my computer. They are to log my food, and to log workouts and track measurements.


Both of these allow me to see my progress and easily track it daily.


I chose a gym that had great equipment and a positive workout vibe. This is very important that you choose the right gym.  One that fits your lifestyle and does not limit you in your progress.

And I ask people how to do certain exercises, how they eat, and I read and read!


While you can do this on your own, it is a lot better if you have a good support network. Seek support from those who are close to you. Look within yourself for motivation, and great self-talk.


Learn all you can from others by becoming a student of your body. Then apply those things that work so you can achieve your goals of a fit, and healthy life.


If you want to know more about my transformation move on to how to get started and learn how to start slowly for lasting change. Please read on…