What is Wellness? How did you come up with Mako Wellness?

I asked myself “what is wellness”?


I answered it by developing MAKO WELLNESS and likened the areas of focus to my favorite shark.


The Mako shark is a remarkable animal that has speed, power, and endurance. It is a perfectly balanced apex predator, whose resolve, power, and mastery in its watery realm is legendary. It is my totem, so to speak, the one animal in nature I somewhat relate to and admire.


But Mako Wellness is for me, for you just add your name in front of wellness and make it your own.


To live well you need to have a quick mind, a powerful body, and enduring spirit. If one area is deficient, performance as a whole will suffer. Taking care of your body will allow you to grow your mind. A quick mind will nurture your spirit and help you endure in life.


That is wellness. To live a balanced life between the body-mind-spirit. But it starts with making sure your body is healthy and working at peak performance!


My problem was I would go through life slightly unbalanced in one or more areas. Other times I would stagnate neglecting the body which in turn dulled the mind and stunted the spirit.


Each time I thought it was OK to feel this way. Telling myself this is a “Normal and OK Way of Life”… Isn’t it? Do you feel this way?




Think of Mako Wellness as this Powerful, Quick, and Enduring Mako Shark


The three areas of Mako Wellness are; the body (builds power), the mind (builds speed), and the spirit (builds endurance). You need all of these three areas to be nourished, engaged, and efficient in order to have wellness abound in your life.


If one area is severely deficient then life will become difficult. This represents a total failure in one of these areas in life and include things like…


BODY: Physical Changes in Life

weight gain, eating disorders, or obesity

sedentary lifestyle, disease, occupation change

poor nutrition leading to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

MIND: Mental Changes in Life

loss of motivation, desire, or increased stress

lack of leaning, memory and focus issues

mental changes in health including depression, anxiety, or other mental health challenges

SPIRIT: Spiritual Changes in Life

Lack of faith or trust in your life, change in beliefs

Change in social structure or relationships

Missing internal connection with oneself or others


So how can you achieve wellness in abundance and start to balance your life and live a life of Mako Wellness?


You can Be Fit. My personal credo “Mako Wellness” can help you get into the best shape of your life, especially if you are ageing into the 2nd half of life. Just adopt wellness as your own and make it your personal creed.


And when your life is in balance you will Be”Mako”Fit and you can achieve great things.


We need to live as close to total wellness so we can so we can achieve great things. Our life should connected in “total unity” with our body, mind, and spirit. What is wellness? It is the ability to connect the body-mind-spirit trio and live in balance.


Here you will find articles, tips, and ideas on how to overcome the things in your life preventing you from your true wellness potential. So lets get going…and remember an abundant life is the journey we want to take.


Become Fit for You…



So tell me a little more about MAKO WELLNESS.


In review an abundant life is when you have achieved ultimate balance in these three areas of life, the body, the mind, and the spirit.


If any one of these areas is deficient, or is neglected, your life can be turned upside down, or at the very least become out of balance.


So lets look at these 3 areas in a little more detail…




The Powerful and Remarkable Body


The first area we should work on is the body. The body is the most remarkable and unique system on the planet. We only get one of these, and it does not come with a warranty or free replacement parts.


If you break it you fix it, and it can be expensive. Like all machines it is better to maintain it then to neglect it and pay for costly repairs later on.


In the end it wears out and stops. The first step to “BeMakoFit” is to make sure that you give your body the best chance it has for a long and productive life.


These are the key areas of the body that require one to focus their energy in order to live an abundant life.


Physical Activity – do you exercise regularly and live an active lifestyle?

Nutrition – are you eating healthy foods, do you maintain a healthy weight? Do you stay away from tobacco, drugs, and other harmful substances?

Health Care – do you see a doctor, dentist, or healthcare provider and follow their recommendations?


IT ALL STARTS HERE. You first need to make sure you are healthy in body so that you have the power and energy in order to tackle the next thing in your life.


A healthy mind and good mental health…




The Speedy and Resilient Mind


The second area is the mind. The mind is mysterious, with unmatched capability, and unknown potential. The mind can do more than we think, with less then we may have. It has speed and can do things in fractions of seconds and in time frames to small for us to comprehend.


Your mind should be fed, challenged, kept stimulated with regular training, focused, and expanded with knowledge. A wasted mind will atrophy, and knowledge can become lost. But a strengthened mind is capable of doing things beyond your imagination.


These are the key areas of the mind that require one to learn about in order to “BE MAKO FIT”.


Memory and Learning – do you learn new things, are you constantly seeking to improve your talents? Do you explore new things? And finally do you work on improving your memory?

Mental Health and Emotions – do you cope well in your life, do you have the ability to manage stress well? Do you make good decisions and are able to solve problems in your life? How do you feel?

Motivation and Behavior – are you motivated to do things, is your commitment level high? Do your behaviors match your thoughts? Do you abstain from harmful behaviors?


THIS IS THE SECOND STEP. Become mindful of your thinking, emotions, and learn to live in the present moment. Find your purpose in life and be a life long learner.


Once you achieved this you can move onto nurturing the spirit…



The Spirit - What is wellness


The Enduring and Faithful Spirit


The third and final area is the spirit. This is the most existential part of the body. The spirit is thought of as “out of body” because a revealing picture of the spirit has never been taken.


Despite that a spirit does reside within us and encourages us to have hope by our deep faith, compassion by serving, and gratitude through counting our blessings. And it is this same spirit that helps us endure life to the end.


A damaged spirit will reside within indifference and may advocate harm to oneself. But a strong nourished spirit will seek others to fellowship, give freely to those in need, and have compassion on those who suffer.


Three key areas of the spirit that require one to learn about in order to “BE MAKO FIT”.


Your Conscience and Intuition – do you enjoy honest interactions with others?  Are you able to make good moral decisions? Do you believe in the golden rule? Do you look to do good, help others, and give back to your community>

Relationships and Social Health – do you treat others with kindness and respect? Are you a good steward of the resources around you? Do your relationships suffer? Are you a productive member of society? Do you fit well into society? Do you have a good social support network?

Purpose and Faith – do ones core values and beliefs echo ones actions? Do you have faith that good things will happen? Believe in something, or in divine purpose? Meditate, reflect, or set aside time to yourself? Have you found your purpose in life?

I developed my personal mantra of “Mako Wellness” in order to change my life and begin to live the second half of my life better than I have ever lived.




Combine the power of the body, a quick mind, and a spirit that endures will give you the capacity to work. Life is work, we are built to work. The mind and body are most efficient when in motion. And combine that with our human brain and spirit we are built to work towards a purpose.


To better ourselves, to progress, and to learn all we can. It all starts with getting the body into shape, a powerful body that is well nourished will feed the mind with the things it needs to think faster and learn more. An efficient mind will allow you to focus on work on the things that will improve the quality and purpose of your life.


With each part connected in body-mind-spirit as one, you will be able to work with dedication, towards a purpose in life, and to total wellness. MAKO WELLNESS.


See how I started my journey on my way to a better life… It started with the body, and a total transformation.