Why did I make Gluten Free a life style choice?

Why did I choose to go gluten free?


I don’t really know what sparked the thought to go gluten free. My nephew has Celiacs Disease which is an intolerance to gluten, mostly found in wheat products.

After seeing his battle, and several stories brought to the forefront of the medical community I started to think about my own gluten use.

After a large meal heavily concentrated with either Soy, Wheat, or Vinegar I would feel really bad. Mostly to the point I was too tired to do anything.

So I started to do some detective work to find out what was really bothering my body. I noticed I did not eat a lot of soy or vinegar based products and by themselves they did not really bother me.

Who knows maybe it was the high sodium content.

So I turned my attention to wheat products. I didn’t try and wean myself or eat less I just cut out wheat cold turkey. And lo and behold I felt better, almost immediately. So from then on I was hooked and began to cut out Gluten from my diet.

Luckily I had the support and guidance of my Nephew and his family on some Gluten Free choices and so it was very easy to replace my wheat favorites with Gluten Free alternatives.

What about in 2016 are you still gluten free?

Well for the most part I am still gluten free. I don’t eat any refined carbs except on a rare occasion or during a cheat meal. I still use gluten free pasta. To me it tastes as good as wheat pasta.

As for bread, when I do eat it I choose a whole wheat version. I still feel that gluten in my system causes me to fell bloated and lethargic. So I do my best to stop eating it.

Now that I am a little more educated I have found that if I focus on eating only clean or whole foods then I am fine. I choose only breads with whole ingredients like Ezekiel bread. But in the end, I don.t eat very many gluten based products.

I try and stick to a diet of whole organic foods. Meats, Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts.