Learning how to Exercise Properly – A Program you can Track is Key

Lets talk about how to exercise properly.




While it is true that most of the work you can do on your body happens with the diet, exercise is still important. In fact it is the finishing touch, the second coat, or final layer in your body transformation. If you just diet you will lose weight, but you will be flabby, have little endurance, bones will deteriorate, and less muscle mass. Learning to exercise properly is the second part of the fitness equation.


80% Diet + 20% Gym = Real Fitness.


Exercise is where you get endurance and weight lifting is where you get power and strength. There is no substitute for building muscle then lifting weights. There are so many scientifically proven facts on how gaining muscle can help you at any age in your life. But especially as you grow older. And lets face it, WE ALL GROW OLDER.


Here is where I discuss how to exercise properly and develop a exercise routine for your lifestyle. Then I will go over the proper way to lift weights, and which exercises you should focus on. I will talk about the best ways to do cardio. And finally we will discuss how to live actively, get adequate rest, and keep oneself hydrated.


Think of  What Exercise Routine is Best for You…


The first thing you should do before you begin any exercise program or dietary change is to check with your Doctor and see if you are physically able to do so. And while you are there get a full physical so you know your starting health statistics.


Once you are ready to exercise you want to decide what type of exercise routine is best for you. And a “ROUTINE” is the best way to go. One that you will commit to and DO on a regular basis.


Remember the goal is to do at least 150 minutes, and up to 300 minutes, of moderately intense activity a week.


  • Do you want to exercise from home?
  • Or do you prefer to work out at a Gym? See how to choose the right gym!
  • Is there a local sports team you can join?
  • Do you want to bike or walk for your fitness?
  • Or is there something else you want to do?


For the purposes of what I would like to talk to you about the focus will be on weight training and cardio. These have proven to be the most effective way to transform your body. Once you get your body to be where you want it (your end game) you can go into maintenance where there is a whole lot of different activities you can do to stay fit.


Learn How to Exercise Properly…


Lifting weights in the gym, or stepping onto a Elliptical machine can be intimidating the first time. Add to this, a bunch of meat-heads and gym-bunnies and you have a recipe for self conscious soup. But don’t let that stop you. Because one day you will be there, and believe me your whole attitude will change.


  • Learn the basic exercises you should do. The Big Quad are Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift, and Shoulder Press.
  • Decide how much you are going to dedicate to working out. Every day, 4 times a week?
  • Put together an exercise plan. Learn how to change things up to confuse your muscles.
  • Find out the best way to do Cardio, and how often.
  • Learn how to live an active lifestyle.
  • Get enough sleep and find out how much rest you really need.
  • And finally learn about proper hydration.

Track your Workouts…


This is probably the most important thing you can do. It requires diligence, but it is very easy to do with today’s technology. With and APP like BodySpace at Bodybuilding.com you can easily track any workout. They even have workouts you can choose from and add to a workout calendar. Or if you are brave you can create your own.


I use the APP on my I-Phone and its just a matter of updating it after each set. To date I have tracked well over 200 workouts, and have lifter over 5 million pounds. Plus I know where I started, and I can see how far I have come. Both in my strength gains and my overall fitness. It will even allow you to track your measurements, and body statistics.


It truly is a great APP and it beats hauling around a notebook to the gym. Plus you can add friends and get your own support group.


And Finally…


Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. I did all sorts of different training in order to avoid boredom. Here are some of the things I tried at the gym to improve my overall fitness:

  • Plyometrics
  • Battle Ropes and Flipping Tires
  • Boxing and Heavy Bag Work
  • Spin Class (Bicycling)
  • Warm ups in the Sauna
  • Rowing Machines


And many other fun things, so don’t be afraid to mix it up. Even try going outdoors for walks on the beach or park. Ride a bike, kayak, paddle board, or any other fun activity that gets your blood pumping. Its all about changing your life from inactivity to one of activity. The body is made to move, and once an object is in motion, it tends to want to stay in motion. I think that’s a law or something!